Seagry Stud is a small scale, but very high quality establishment. It only retains on average 5 mares of breeding age at any one time.
We do not stand any of our own stallions. This allows us to access the range of world class stallions in our breeding programme from anywhere across Europe. This includes Moorlands Totilas, Sandro Hit, San Amour and Belissimo M.
As a principle we keep all fillies that we breed on the yard until they are backed and have shown promise in young horse classes at the age of 4 years. This does not mean that we would not part with younger fillies, but we aim to prove their potential by competing them before they are offered for sale. We are very confident in our breeding programme and aim to prove this in competition.
Any colts that we breed will generally be put on the market as foals. We prefer not to mix fillies and colts so that the yard remains calm and safe at all times. This means that beautifully bred colt foals will be available from time to time.
We post information on our site relating to covering plans and are prepared to sell foals in-utero where demand exists.
As a principle we are now only breeding from our two Advanced Dressage Foundation mares 'St Pr St Seagry Sanay' and ' Seagry Rohsan' and their offspring. This means that almost all our foals are bred by Embryo Transfer. Consequently we are able to produce outstanding foals and horses that most likely to possess the key attributes of Temperament/Trainability/Movement/Conformation.
To manage both the mental and physical wellbeing of our horses, we operate a daily turn-out programme. Throughout the summer all horses (including horses in competition) are turned-out 24x7. During the winter months, all horses are in at night and are turned-out every day, regardless of the weather, with high quality turn-out rugs.
All our horses have passports, are micro-chipped, vaccinated and wormed.
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